Lisa's Healing Room

"Be kind, gentle and loving towards everyone you meet. 

When I offer loving kindness to others, something happens to my own heart, 

I feel it right there inside of me each time I extend love, I feel my spirit growing closer to truth

It does not have to be world changing, famous or amazing. It can be as simple as

just offering a stranger a smile, a soft touch. 
We cannot heal in isolation, we need each other"

by Eileen Dickson

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Hand crafted Bath Bombs, Bath Salts & Soaks, Body Massage Bars, Healing Salves, Sacred Smudge & Healing Crystals.

Lisa Gauthier, Holistic Practitioner, dedicated to helping people by empowering them to heal through nurturing and self love.

All encompassing complimentary healing treatments to facilitate optimum health and wellness.

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