I have had the pleasure of knowing Lisa for almost 2 years. I had the benefit of receiving reflexology from Lisa, and it had a positive impact on my physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. My son was recently diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, and I felt that seeing Lisa for holistic treatment would be a great way to help him cope with his syndrome. Rowen loves seeing Lisa for treatments and she is so open, calm, patient, and supportive with my son. He has a settlement of spirit after his treatment; he seems more free and less tense and clenched. I am very grateful for Lisa's involvement in helping Rowen, and in being a supportive friend to me. Her energy, spirit and kindness has made such a positive impact on my life and my own slow gradual spiritual awakening.

Beth G.

I met Lisa in October of 2014. I lost my son Adam to heart failure. I was shattered. Life had no meaning. I can't even explain how I was feeling. I was lost, floating on air, if that makes sense. My friend recommended that I go see Lisa because of my back pain, not my grief over my son. Lisa got me an opening within 2 days. Before we began, Lisa put healing crystals all around me and asked me to relax. I thought, "Relax? what does that mean?" I felt so calm in her home. I was thinking what is going on here! After helping with my back pain, Lisa was able to tell me about my son Adam, I feel Lisa has a special intuitive gift with these things. I left her home feeling like I had given birth to my son again. She has helped me to grow, and helped me to help myself through the loss of Adam, the one thing that mattered in my life. I am now free. Both Lisa and Adam have shown me that I have a reason to live and move on in life. Lisa saved my life!
Robin A.

Lisa is a kind-hearted and gentle soul. She has mastered the art of creating a safe space for her clients. Her gentle touch through Reiki, Access Bars, or even at an emotional level, allows you to feel and express whatever you may need to in the moment. Lisa is very conscious and respectful with delicate information, messages she shares are deeply profound and sometimes difficult for the one receiving them. In my experience, Lisa shows tremendous thoughtfulness and care at these times. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing lady in our lives.

Jackie E.

Lisa introduced me to Reiki treatments. At the time I wasn't sure about Reiki. All I knew was that I was open to receiving it. I am so happy I did! My treatments are relaxing, emotional, happy and a treat for myself. Lisa doesn't filter anything. She is open and honest. Most importantly to me, non-judgemental. I love her spirit, energy, personality and her treatments. If you need to take care of you, GO TO SEE LISA!

Rosemary N.

Wow!  How do you describe something that is indescribable?  But I will try to put it in words.  Lisa is a very gifted lady with a natural talent that is remarkable and beyond words.  Her touch is soft, gentle and very loving, and her heart is as wide as the ocean.  The words that she speaks are filled with the wisdom of the ancient sages and filled with the light of truth.  A session with Lisa will leave you with an experience that you have never felt before and a longing to go back to her presence to drink in more of the healing energy that flows from her genuine Being.  Thank you so much Lisa for being who you are!

Earleen D.

The first time I met Lisa, I was recommended to her by my best friends' mom. I had sought out other traditional treatments. I was open minded to something new. I felt I had nothing to lose. I was very emotional at the time. After recieving a treatment, I felt like a big weight had lifted off me. I have since continued to see Lisa on a  regular basis for spiritual healing and have gained a friend. I tell anyone who is open to listen about the benefits of Reiki. I am more aware of myself and my spiritual side. I am forever indepted to my friends mother for introducing me to Lisa.

Amber C.

I was so lucky that Lisa came into my life. In 2013, a mutual friend introduced us. Since then, I feel like I have been a little extra blessed. From the moment my Reiki treatment with Lisa is over, I am looking forward to the next one. I feel so renewed, uplifted and full of hope. I count down the days until I can see her again. Lisa is such a kind and generous spirit. She is exactly what this world needs more of. I can't say enough wonderful things about Lisa and her services. She gives me tools to stay positive when life gets me down which is a huge help! I feel so lucky to have her as part of my life.

Michelle B.

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